Creativity will conquer

As artist we struggle with the balance of fulfillment thru our arts and thriving as a struggling artist.  Our creative outlet is way of expressing ourselves, not necessarily for others acceptance, but for selfish reasons.   Over the pas 16 years my passion for art has led me to meet dozens of wonderful people some successful and some not so successful.  It took me a while to figure this success out for myself. art and passion There has to be a balance of Artistic fulfillment and a balance of career.  When I say career I don’t mean an executive position in a high rise in Chicago.  I mean being a professional artist who creates art to put bread on the table and save for retirement.  This is the balance so many artist struggle with.  How do I do it?  It focusing and scheduling.  I a lot time for my passion and I find I am way more focused when I have a limited time.  I don’t get side tracked with little ideas, I focus on my task and I find it way more fulfilling because I see results.  These results lead to more exhibits more shows, more art sales and in turn more income.  I try not to preach this idea to everyone but most people fall do to lack of focus.  We are not victims of circumstance we are of victims of the choices we make in life.  If art is your priority make is so, however you will need to find that balance for yourself.  Success comes thru passion, persistence and always finding a way to over come hurdles in your life.  I am inspired by a friend I had in high school.  He had many talents that lead him down many paths. Art, sports, science and technology came very easily to him.  He met a wondering Canadian girl and moved to Toronto.  He had children and realized that he need to be the bread winner and support his family.  He married two of his passions art and technology and created a digital marketing agency in Barrie.  These two passions gave him fulfillment and success, thru persistence.  Finding a balance of passion and career is the key to success.