ECO tours in the Caribbean

Last January we went on an ECO tours in Dominican Republic at the Rustic Pathways Base House in a sustainable ranch. We got to spent time working with the farmers on the organic gardens and tour the farm animals. It doesn’t take long to see the ideal way of life here in the Dominican Republic. It makes me wonder why people live on colder climates.

The DR is one of the most beautiful and serene places on earth and as a result, many people dream about moving and living here. I hate the cold and want to enjoy sunny, tropical weather for most of the year, so the North Shore of DR is the ideal place to live. Most people who live in western countries have to deal with severe winters which can worsen medical conditions and make life quite difficult. However, if you move to warmer climates, you will never have to deal with winter or snow ever again.

Another reason to move to the DR, is of course, the beaches! The Caribbean is well known for its white sandy beaches and cool turquoise waters. If your idea of a good time is a day lounging at the beach, drinking rum punch and engaging in various water sports, then the Caribbean is definitely a place you will enjoy.

Lastly, the cost of living in the DR is much lower than most Western countries and you will most likely enjoy a significantly higher purchasing power. This would allow you to enjoy a higher quality of life at a lower cost which is definitely a dream come true. We stop it the town of Cabarete to enjoy the Beaches and met a Dominican Republic real estate agent who showed us some home prices and we were really surprised at what you can get compare to a similar property in the tour in DR

The Rustic Pathways Base House Eco tour was a phenomenal ECO tour, I recommend it to everyone ages 16-60. It is truly an amazing place to live and there are numerous things to see and do depending on what you want to experience. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain, the ECO tour was amazing, thanks so much to our friends at Rustic Pathways Base House.