Sharing our hot potato with the magic of video

Artist love our craft and enjoy the peace and serenity or making our artistic statement.  What we don’t enjoy is promoting ourselves. Most of use are not extraverts, instead we are introverts. Showing our art to the world is sometimes the hardest thing we can imagine.  Wearing our heart on our sleeves, for everyone to judge and express and opinion.  Expressions of positivity is always welcome, encouragement to our craft is never a bad thing.  For every 9 positive comments there is 1 negative comment. The problem is when we receive a negative comment we tend to let these sink in or stick with us more than the positive.

The real issue is believing in our self and not caring what the 10% of the art critics say.  Being true to your craft and enjoy the moment is why we should be creating art.

So for you closet artists and introverts I have found a way to share your art to the world and not accept comments good or bad.  Blocking out the critics and sharing for the pure fun of it.  That’s why we have decided to share our hot potato on Youtube.

We have teamed up with some tech guys to help us set up our YouTube Channel.  We will be bringing you our best creative and hoping you will enjoy it as much as we do. It should be working is a few weeks so check back soon for more details.  In the meantime you can take a look at their marketing YouTube channel.

Once again we encourage you all to share your artistic side to your community and followers. Remember you can reach more people across the world with 1 video than you can with 100 galleries.  This is one of the major reasons we are back online again,  to reach our communities thru our arts to inspire.


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